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While results in the past cannot guarantee results in the future, after 30 years they do represent a huge source of inspiration for creative and effective ideas. This is why Presscom manages time and again to increase the public’s brand awareness of its clients, and to create a link between marketing communications and free publicity.

Presscom offers a range of PR and marketing services that range from advice and sounding board to the development of communication strategies and the handling of media relations. We can also manage all of the editorial work and the required lobbying to enable the implementation of the chosen strategy or campaign.
Our specialists consider it a challenge to ensure that editorial attention is drawn to your press releases in a positive manner, and to make sure that your brochures, case stories and other marketing expressions are read by the right people. All activities are, of course, carried out according to the agreements reached, and within the available budget.

Would you like to discover how you can become more visible on the market with the aid of PR and marketing and as a result, generate a higher revenue?
We invite you to discover Presscom!